Pre-Treatment / Bleaching / Deodorizing

Normally the whole system is called PHYSICAL REFINING PLANT.

The design of ISE Continuous Plant is based on the minimum requirement of energy (manpower and bleaching earth consumption).

Retention Vessel, Slurry Oil Heater and Bleacher are under vacuum and steam agitation. No mechanical agitations are required in this system.

Bleaching Earth Dosing system and Hermetic Filter are fully automated and controlled by PLC.

Capacity Range : 50 MTPD - 2000 MTPD

The design of ISE Continuous Deodorizing Plant is according to the process and customer's requirement:

  • Pack Column Structural Packing
  • Pre-Stripper with Low Oil Height / Bed
  • Washing Stage For Fatty Acid
  • Internal Cooling under vacuum
  • External Cooling with Spiral / Welded Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Quick Feed Stock Changeover
  • PLC Control Process System
  • Efficient mixing of oil and sparging steam with mammoth pump

Capacity Range : 50 MTPD - 2000 MTPD
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