Hydrogenation / Interesterification

Hydrogenation is the process by which hydrogen is added directly to points of unsaturation in the fatty acids. Hydrogenation of fats has developed as a result of the need to;

  1. convert liquid oils to the semi-solid form for greater utility in certain food uses
  2. increases the oxidate and thermal stability of the fat or oil
Another processes used by oil processors permits a rearrangement or a redistribution of the fatty acids on the glycerol fragment of the molecule. This process, referred as Interestification, is accomplished by catalytic methods at relatively low temperature. Under some conditions the fatty acids are distributed in a more random manner than they were present originally. The rearrangement does not change the degree of unsaturation or the isomeric state of the fatty acids as they transfer in their entirely from one position to another.

The plant for each of the processes can be stirrer type or loop type.

Capacity Range : 5 MT - 25 MT per batch

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