Company Profile

InterSonikon Engineering Sdn Bhd a design company for vegetable oil mainly in refining, fractionation, hydrogenation, winterization for various vegetable oil to Palm, Seed oils and Lauric Oil manufacturers in Indonesia / Malaysia / PR China / Thailand and so on. The Company was incorporated in 1993, to capitalize on :

  • Its main shareholder being a pioneer in Malaysia for palm and lauric oil equipment manufacturing.
  • The resultant abundant supply and availability of fresh and consistent raw materials.
  • Malaysia is being the world’s largest and leading producer of palm oil products.
  • The increasing of awareness in worldwide, of the environment and use of “green” products.
  • Exciting new applications for palm and lauric based product.

The company has the capacity to design various processes equipment from 25 MTPD to 1500 MTPD plant capacity.

Utilization of Technology Partner Research Center for continuous improvement of the process plant.

Technological collaboration with, and technology transfer from overseas and local partners /supplier of equipment.

ISE believes strongly in Product Development through internal and external training programs. Consequently, it benefits from a team of well-qualified engineers who are innovative and able to adapt to technological improvements.

    Quality Assurance


ISE is committed in providing its customers with the highest standards of quality, consistency and reliability. All personnel are driven by the company objective of delivering the right quality product on time to all customers.

In recognition of its commitment and achievement on the consistent quality not only on the delivered product, but also throughout the production and management processes.


The Intersonikon quality program starts from the initial procurement of steel materials, to ensure that quality standards are achieved from the beginning with sub-contractors and suppliers for all component used in the process plant.

ISE also interacts regularly with multi-national corporations in upgrading its Product Development Programs and ensuring it employs the latest in ongoing personnel training and product analysis techniques.

    Marketing and Sales Distribution

The primary goal of ISE founders remains for it to be a international  class organization, and becoming a global player in the palm and vegetable oil process equipment industries.

Although the Company is based in Malaysia, members of the Intersonikon sales team are all selected for their flexibility and competence in doing business within a range of cultures and languages, and their ability to communicate efficiently with customers on their own terms.

The sales force is supported by team of professionals with extensive experience in palm, lauric and vegetable oil. In particular, all have had exposure to the high value added industrial products.

These individuals deal with specific technical queries, and, through their understanding of the production processes, can offer many options to customers. This approach is used in working with customers to develop new and unique blends, and in developing tailor-made solutions.

The Company is continually expending forging partnerships with established local and international organizations. It is continually looking for growth opportunities.

Located just 60 kilometers from KLIA airport, Cheras, Selangor is capable of responding quickly and effectively to supply and services customer accordingly.

ISE is continually developing more efficient distribution systems to satisfy the changing needs of its customers. With the increasing global awareness of environmental friendly products, and the global demand for palm oil / vegetable oil and derivatives is set to grow substantially over the coming years.


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